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Our Realtors and financial experts will walk you through every step of the home-buying process.

Dalton Communities believes in doing the right things, the right way. Richard J. Dalton founder and president of Dalton Communities has learned this over a 25 year plus homebuilding career, in which he has earned the reputation of building high quality homes, working for some of the   largest and most respected homebuilders in the country.



Dalton Communities wants building a new home with us to be a delightful experience. "We believe we offer the best value and highest quality       possible in the industry. We believe this so much we put our family name on it."



It is all About you



Dalton Communities believes in a Customer First Focus in everything that we do. Our Customer First Focus starts from the beginning when we first identify a new community, to designing new home plans and deciding what features to Include In Your New Home. "I think the single greatest attribute a builder can have is the ability to listen to what's important to the Customer and then  deliver it to them. What we like is not important, it's what the Customer wants that matters, it's their home".